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NFTs as a charitable force for non-profits

GOOD Marketplace equips charities with the tools they need to seamlessly access donations through NFTs and digital arts.

The Problem and the Remedy

Embrace the future of charitable giving with GOOD Marketplace.
Global charities face an aging infrastructure that makes rapid fundraising challenging. With an increasing number of global disasters, climate change and population boom, it is now more important than ever to ensure that resources reach people in need quickly. By providing tools for easy contribution and donation management, the platform ensures that individuals, charitable organizations, and donors can participate in the ecosystem with minimal barriers.

Open Call For Artists

This Open Call is dedicated to finding at least 10 pieces of UNMINTED art to be displayed on the GOOD Marketplace during its launch, along with a permanent online exhibition. Winners will be invited to list their UNMINTED works for sale on Joyn and GOOD Marketplace will purchase the winning artworks as trophies.


Causes that matter to you


January 7th, 2024 at Midnight EST

Prize Pool

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$GOOD Token

The ICO of the GOOD token was conducted through the PROOF platform
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Token name




Staked tokens ( of total supply)


Buy/Sell tax +1% Proof Platform tax


Circulating supply

max 1% of total supply

Wallet limits

Audited by Solidity Finance and Vacuumlabs

GOOD token smart contract is audited by the experienced teams at Solidity Finance and Vacuumlabs. Furthermore, PROOF contracts are built in a way that prevents the project from performing the common scam tactics. Read more
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On buy


On sell

KYC completed with Assure DeFi

This team has completed KYC verification with Assure DeFi, the market leader in Web3 founder verification services. Click-through to learn more about Assure DeFi and how they keep project leaders accountable. Read more
To protect holders and help mitigate whale control, there are anti-whale caps (1% per wallet) and transfer limits (0.5%). There is an additional 1% transaction fee for PROOF’s services (2% in first 72 hours). $GOOD has a total supply of 1,000,000,000.
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GOOD is a payment token based on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. GOOD provides the reward and transaction mechanisms for the GOOD Marketplace ecosystem.

Distribution of Tokens

Public saleActivity minting on GOOD MarketplaceReserve for airdrops and early supporters
Public sale
Activity minting on GOOD Marketplace
Reserve for airdrops and early supporters

Use of 5% Tax Proceeds

GOOD Marketplace developmentStaking rewardsGOOD Foundation (governed by GOOD DAO)
GOOD Marketplace development
Staking rewards
GOOD Foundation (governed by GOOD DAO)


Our roadmap is a canvas of strategic partnerships, community engagement, and educational initiatives. We’re not just building a platform; we’re crafting an ecosystem.
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Phase 1
  • Create a Whitepaper for GOOD Marketplace and GOOD Token

  • Open GOOD token whitelist w/ PROOF

  • GOOD token launch w/ PROOF

  • Launch staking rewards contract

  • Launch GOOD VIP Club

  • Community growth and engagement

    We are here
  • Building strategic partnerships

    We are here
Phase 2
  • Launch GOOD Marketplace and secure early adopters

  • Expand network of charitable organizations in GOOD Marketplace

  • Establish strategic partnerships

  • Increase user base and enhance user engagement

  • Launch large-scale marketing campaigns

Phase 3
  • Involve merchants in the GOOD Marketplace

  • Implement exchange service (crypto-FIAT-crypto) in the GOOD Marketplace platform

  • Implement basic banking services (accounts, statements, swapping, transfers)

  • Drive global expansion


We seek partnerships with artists, organizations (charities and non-profits), businesses, corporations and sustainability initiatives to enhance our ecosystem and promote responsible NFT practices.


What is GOOD Marketplace?

What is the GOOD token and what is it for?

Where can I buy the GOOD token?

What is the Proof platform?

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Any questions? Reach out to us!


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